Principal Message

Kathy Weymiller, Principal at Custer

I can't believe we are looking at June! What a year this has been. Our students have overcome so many unique challenges and have GROWN. I'm so proud of all of them and have tremendous respect and gratitude for our families for all the support you have extended to all of us at Custer.

Staffing Updates:

We have several teachers that we are sad to bid "Farewell as they move on to their next great adventures.

We wish them well and thank them for their service to Custer.

LifeSkills: Ms. Burbank is moving to work in her daughter's school.

PreSchool: Ms. Asher is moving to Colorado.

1st Grade:
Ms. Grierson is moving to Texas.

2nd Grade:
Mrs. Hollingsworth is moving to Idaho. 

Fourth/Fifth Split
Ms. Perez is moving to Alabama.

I look forward to introducing you to our new hires soon!

I recently received an email from the 5th Avenue Theater with their Audience Code of Conduct. It really resonated with me as it is what I want for our Custer community.

So, with inspiration from them, here it is:

EVERYONE BELONGS HERE. Yes, everyone. In this school we are one community, coming together to learn. Say hi to your neighbor. Welcome them. Welcome one another.

COME AS YOU ARE. The way you present yourself in the world is a reflection of your own identity. Whether you are "fancy" or "casual," you are welcome here.

SHOW KINDNESS—to yourself, to others, and to our staff. School is a space where light and hope and joy are celebrated. Leave negativity at the door.

WORDS CAN HAVE A BIG IMPACT. If you choose to share your opinions (either via social media, with our staff over the phone, or in person) please refrain from using language that may be viewed as offensive or hurtful; especially language that is commonly used to offend or disparage marginalized groups. Ask yourself if what you have to say contributes to someone's well-being or destroys it.

YOUR EXPERIENCE HERE IS PERSONAL. The teachers and staff share their energy with you and you, in turn, share your energy with them. Everyone must engage for students to succeed.

As we close our year and prepare for fall, we strive to be a welcoming and caring environment for every one of our students and their families. Your voice is valued and welcome. Feel free to reach out to me any time. My email is [email protected] or call 253-583-5232 (my direct line). If I am not able to answer, you are invited to leave a detailed voicemail.

I wish you all the best for a happy summer!