Principal Message

Kathy Weymiller, Principal at Custer

We are having a great year. Our students are learning, growing, and making us proud! Unless they are ill, the number one thing you can do to support their growth is to have them here and on time.  

Daily on-time attendance ensures that students have access to learning opportunities, helping them to build a strong foundation in all subjects. Regular attendance fosters a sense of routine, discipline, and responsibility, teaching children the value of punctuality and commitment, which are crucial life skills. It also allows students to actively participate in classroom discussions, engage in collaborative activities, and form relationships with peers, contributing significantly to their social and emotional growth. When students arrive late, it creates a disruption in the classroom and is stressful for your student as they catch up with what they should be doing. 

Your support is greatly appreciated! 


Enrollment is available any time online by going to the District web page at  If you already have students in the District, you can register by logging into your Family Access account. If computer access is a barrier, we have a laptop at Custer you are welcome to use for enrollment.    


It's my privilege to be the principal here. I am starting my 37th year in education and this will be my fifth year at Custer. I absolutely love my job. Our students, families and staff are the best. We work together as a team to make sure every child will grow and thrive. I am also a wife, mother of three (two launched, one in college), lover of reading, the arts, dogs/cats, watching sports, and enjoying the beautiful Pacific Northwest.    


Some time ago, I received an email from the 5th Avenue Theater with their Audience Code of Conduct. It really resonated with me as it is what I want for our Custer community.    

So, with inspiration from them, here it is:    

EVERYONE BELONGS HERE. Yes, everyone. In this school we are one community, coming together to learn. Say hi to your neighbor. Welcome them. Welcome one another.
COME AS YOU ARE. The way you present yourself in the world is a reflection of your own identity. Whether you are "fancy" or "casual," you are welcome here.    
SHOW KINDNESS — to yourself, to others, and to our staff. School is a space where light and hope and joy are celebrated. Leave negativity at the door. WORDS CAN HAVE A BIG IMPACT. If you choose to share your opinions (either via social media, with our staff over the phone, or in person) please refrain from using language that may be viewed as offensive or hurtful; especially language that is commonly used to offend or disparage marginalized groups. Ask yourself if what you have to say contributes to someone's well-being or destroys it.    

YOUR EXPERIENCE HERE IS PERSONAL. The teachers and staff share their energy with you and you, in turn, share your energy with them. Everyone must engage for students to succeed.    

As we enjoy this school year, we strive to be a welcoming and caring environment for every one of our students and their families. Your voice is valued and welcome. Feel free to reach out to me any time. My email is [email protected] or call 253-583-5232 (my direct line). If I am not able to answer, you are invited to leave a detailed voicemail.    

Warmest regards,    

Kathy Weymiller