Policies and Procedures


All library books are due by May 23rd. Notices will go home after Memorial Day for any students with missing books. 

It is especially important for our fifth graders to settle their library account prior to starting Middle School in the fall. Lost books and their fines will follow them to their new school and keep them from attending dances and other fun events. 

If you cannot find a library book, consider replacing it with a copy of the same. If there is financial hardship that keeps you from buying or paying for a book, please come and talk to Mrs. Bilingsley. We can arrange a way for you to mange that. 

Acceptable Use

Expectations about how you act on line are no different than face-to-face. As a student in the Clover Park School District, know that you have rights and responsibilities when you connect to the school's network.


  • All network use at school ( internet, shared folders,etc.)should be educational
  • Be respectful, responsible and ethical ALWAYS.
  • Protect your personal, private information( passwords, address, phone numbers)
  • Tell a teacher immediately if you come across anything that that is seems inappropriate, or dangerous 

You may view the complete Clover Park School District acceptable use policy by clicking